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Venetian blind


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One morning not long after I moved into my studio at the Cité des Arts I realised that my room worked like a camera oscura. Light penetrates by a tiny opening between the curtains, projecting an upside down animated image of the exterior onto the walls and ceiling. So hidden away in my bed, I could know what was going on outside the walls of my studio. I didn’t have to lean out of my window to see if someone was passing in the courtyard. This set me thinking about the limits between exterior and interior and the notion of control. Because in fact, in my room I felt like an observer in the centre of a panoptic control tower; but at the same time, conversely, I also felt shut in and observed as if in a cell. It is this double movement, the dual position of ‘observer observed’ that lies at the origin of the work done during my stay in Paris.

Photo paper, 50x88 cm each collage.




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